Portfolio Transfer

The Wavealert portfolio app combines all assets in one list. Regardless of whether they are actual values from your portfolio or whether they are only to be monitored and possibly added to the portfolio at a later point in time.

To compile the list of all assets, all values can be searched for either by name, ISIN or WKN. When writing, you will be shown directly which assets are available that match. If there is a matching cryptocurrency, it will be displayed as a green tile.

Value in own portfolio

If the asset is already part of your own portfolio, you can now enter the "Purchase value" under Purchase and the quantity. As shown in the example, the purchase value can have decimal places. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the quantity can also have decimal places. If this information is not left blank, the asset is given a colored marker in green or red, so that you can always see whether your own value is currently in positive or negative territory.